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The Sofa Kings are (from left to right above):

Scott Woolard - Bass guitar
BC - Harp, zydeco accordian, sax, vocals
Paul Franklin - Drums, vocals
Jay Wadsworth - Lead guitar and vocals
Formed in the late 90's from the alumni of "The Yard Dogs" and "The Kingpins" (and probably other less-illustrious local groups), The Sofa Kings bring years of musical experience to the stage. Playing a diverse range of music, they're gonna play something you'll like!

What do we play?

Rock, Blues, Texas Swing, Cajun, and Country!
We do CCR, The Stones, Fabulous TBirds, Paladins, Little Feat, Tom Petty, Neal Young, and Van Morrison just to name a few. We even do some Elvis and Roy Orbison!
Plus, a lot of great original songs penned by our lead guitar player, Jay Wadsworth.
Song list


- 2015 -
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April 4 - Kathryn's
April 11 - Gig in Pocahontas
April 17 - Pelican Cove
April 18 - Private Party
May 3 - Pelican Cove
May 8 - Kathryn's
May 9 - Private Party
June 19 - Pelican Cove
June 20 - Kathryn's
July 4 - Pelican Cove
July 31 - Pelican Cove

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Sights & Sounds

"If You've Got Love"
A cajun-flavored original that will be on our CD.

"Don't Talk About My Baby"
A Jay Wadsworth original that always goes over well !

"Where Do You Go When You're Lonely"
Another great Jay Wadsworth original song

"I'm Leaving"
And another original...

"Roll With My Honey"
This was recorded at The Pub. We were having so much fun, it just became an extended jam. Chuck Ripperton is playing with us on this one.

Video from Shuckers (wmv format)
Caught on a camcorder at Shuckers doing a Paladins tune, "Lordy Miss Mary".

Party Video (YouTube)
Covering "Working Man Blues" with Tim Avalon sitting in.

Photo Gallery

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